Tom Anderson Net Worth

Tom Anderson net worth is still around $60 million.  This American entrepreneur is well known because of his social networking site MySpace in 2003. He was the co-founder of this website with Chris DeWolve. MySpace was very popular for it was considered as the most engaging social networking site in the world. The idea of MySpace occurred when Tom Anderson worked as an employee in eUniverse. After the launch of Friendsterin 2002, he was inspired and got an idea to make MySpace. It became one of the most popular networking sites in the United States in 2010 for it was enlisted as no. 85 in Alexa Top 500 Global sites.

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

The biggest competitor of MySpace is Facebook. It is ranked in no. 2 in Alexa. Even though this man is recognized as an entrepreneur, He also makes a cameo in a film played by Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler and Leslie Mann. Let’s shift from Tom Anderson net worth and talk about his personal life. Now, he lives in Los Angeles, USA. He was born on 8 November 1970. He got his formal education from University of California, LA and Berkeley.

On June 29, 2011, Tom Anderson sold MySpace for $35 million to Specific Media. But he gets 5 percent stake in the company. The well-known pop singer Justin Timberlake also has his stake here. After the launch of Facebook, the number of visitors decreased rapidly. It made the owner reduce the number of employees. In the first place, he could employ up to 1600 workers. He declined it gradually by lowering 1600 to 1000 in 2009, and 400 people in 2011. The popularity of MySpace did not exist anymore so that he sold it for good. However, Tom Anderson net worth is till mind blowing for he still has stakes in Specific Media.

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