Ted Turner Net Worth

America is a dreamed country for businesspersons. We will meet a lot of people who are engaged in this field. One of the successful persons who had dedicated himself in the entertainment business is Ted Turner. He is not an actor or musician. He is a pure businessman who provides the public with the entertainment media. Have you ever heard about him before? Well, he is one of the greatest businessmen in America. He gets his net worth from the cable television, such as CNN, WTBS, and TBS. Ted Turner net worth is estimated at $2 Billion.

Ted Turner

Ted Turner

For further information, Ted Turner is not only an American businessman but also a media mogul and philanthropist. He was born as Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III. He has been added on the richest people list by FORBES. In the past, He worked for Turner Advertising which belonged to his father. His father committed suicide in 1963.  Some years later, Ted Turner built Cable News Network (CNN) and became the founder of the great company. It is considered as the first 24-hour cable news channel. This CNN TV was established in 1980. Besides, as I stated above, he also built other television stations, such as WTBS and TBS.

Ted Turner is well known as one of the richest celebrities who has donated $ 1 billion for the United Nations. This man also has a huge land in South Africa. As a billionaire, it is not surprising if he has many relationships with beautiful women. Jane Fonda is the latest wife of Ted Turner. Well, although he is getting old, his wealth does not seem to decrease since CNN and his other television cables are his greatest assets for his future life. It is not only for him, but also for his sons and daughters from his previous marriage.

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