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It is true that most successful actors and actresses can make a lot of money during their career. However, other professions also have the chance to give higher income. A writer for example, can earn a huge amount of money if he or she is successful in launching his or her book. A writer whose books become the best seller can have a prosperous life. One of the famous writers is Stephen King. He is well known as a novelist. Not only that, he is also famous as a producer too. Stephen King net worth is around 4.4 billion. Although it is not higher than JK Rowling’s, at least, this man has a higher income than most actors or actresses.

Stephen King

Stephen King

Stephen King was born in United States. He was born on 21 September, 1947. His parents are Donald and Nellie Ruth King. His father left his family when Stephen King was a kid. Therefore, later on Stephen King’s mom moved from one place to another and finally settled in Maine. He has a brother known as David. Stephen King studied in university of Maine. He is married and has got three children. He has already produced some films, such as “The Shining”, “The shawsank redemption”, and “Carrie”. These films have given him a lot of money.

According to Forbes, Stephen Kings’ annual income is getting lower and lower up to now. The highest annual earning which he got was around $52.4 million, and it happened from 2001 to 2002. Recently, Stephen King’s annual income is only $22 millions. The amount of money is not too high for a famous writer like Stephen King. However, as an author and producer in his old age, he is still productive enough to be able to increase the net worth. So, it is predicted that his net worth will still get higher in the near future.

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