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David Foster Net Worth: How he Earns & Spends?

Wondering what’s David Foster Net Worth?

Stars Net Worth will be covering everything you need to know about David Foster.

From David Foster Finances where we will discuss how he earns and spends his personal life that will include his early life, age, height, and his relationships.

Let’s first get to know how much is David Foster Net Worth?

david foster net worth

David Foster Net Worth:

$150 Million

David Foster at a glance

Net Worth (as of 2021)$150 Million
Date of BirthNovember 1, 1949
Age72 years old
Born PlaceCanada
Source of WealthMusic

Early Life

David Foster was born on November 1, 1949, in Canada. He is a record producer, pianist, arranger, and composer. He is one of the most popular and successful pop music producers of all time. He is also known as “The Real King of Pop”, “Hit Man”, and “The Master of Bombastic Pop Skitch”. He is also known for his collaborations with Whitney House, Chicago, Natalie Cole, and many others. He has also produced top international hits such as The Glory of Love and I swear. David has also won 16 Grammy Awards and five Juno Awards.

Talking about his early life, David has grown up with six sisters. His father was a church organist who used to serve occasionally. David started playing piano at a very early age with instructor Catherine Dash, and soon he was known for his perfect pitch. He also learned to play other musical instruments from his school teacher Bob Bergeson. He also attended a summer music program on scholarship at the University of Washington. He moved to London for a Victoria Band as the keyboard player. The band also became the backup band for Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry.

David also lived in Edmonton in 1969 where he was guided by Tommy Banks. He also lived in Toronto for a very short period of time. He then formed a band Skylark, with the help of Doug Edwards who is a famous guitarist, and B.J Cook. He also went to Los Angeles in 1971, with Skylark. He also worked as an audition Pianist and studio musician which led to the growth of David Foster Net Worth.


David Foster started his career in music at the age of five in Canada. He started by learning piano and soon he was known for his perfect pitch. He went to the University of Washington at the age of thirteen to study more about music. He started his career by joining Rock and Roll as a backup band. In 1971, he moved to Los Angeles with his band. His song “Wild Flower” became a hit on billboard charts. Foster remained in Los Angeles even when Skylark was disbanded. He always had the desire to meet famous musicians and wanted to play with them.

He also played for the Rocky Theatre Production and ultimately became the show’s co-director. At the show, many famous musicians and artists noticed Davids’s talent and praised him. David was also known for his keyboard skills and soon built a very strong reputation among people. Artists used to call him to participate in their recordings. He started becoming famous for his music and that was the point when David Foster Net Worth started increasing.

Producer and Songwriter

In 1979, David started his career as a record producer. He became famous for his co-writings or arranging material. His hit record as a songwriter is “After the love is gone”. Others include “The Glory of Love”, “Power of Love”, and “Unbreak my Heart”. He also co-wrote another hit “Tears are not enough” in 1985 during his stay in Vancouver. In the 1980s, he produced “Hard to say I am sorry”, “Hard Habit to Break”, “Twist of Fate”, which became hits on Billboard charts. These songs became trademarks for David, heavy produced middle-of-the-road sound.

David has also written songs and produced albums for Paul Anka, Andrea Bocelli, Tony Braxton, Hall & Oates, Cher, Chicago, Alice Cooper, Lara Fabian, Madonna, Barbara, and Rod Stewart. He has also received sixteen Grammy Awards forty-six nominations. He has also won Juno Awards as a producer of the year in 1985. David has also hosted shows on CBT and CTV in 1998. He has also produced his first show Hit Man: David Foster and Friends, featuring Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, and Micheal Buble. He has also played piano on famous US television shows.


David Foster has married five times. He has five biological daughters, one son, and seven grandchildren. He was married to B.J Cooks who is a famous singer and a writer. The couple had a daughter together, Amy Skylark who is also a songwriter and an author.

Then he got married to Rebbeca Dyer on October 27, 1982, but soon due to some personal reasons, they got divorced in 1986. The couple had three daughters together Sara, Erin, and Jordan. David is also the father-in-law of Tommy Haas, who is a professional tennis player and is married to Sara.

He also got married to actress Linda Thompson in 1991. David and Linda collaborated on several songs including ‘I have nothing’, and ‘ Grow-up Christmas list’. But the couple got divorced in 2005.

He got married to his fourth wife Yolanda Hadid who is a Dutch Model on November 11, 2011. He had three stepchildren from Yolanda’s first marriage to Mohammad Hdid. David made the decision to divorce Yolanda after four years of marriage on December 1, 2015. He then got engaged to Katharine Mcphee in June 2018 and got married in June 2019. Mcphee gave birth to a son recently named Rennie David.

How he Earns?

David Foster is a famous musician, pianist, and director. He has produced several albums and has also written films like St. Elmos Fire, Stealing Home, and One Good Cop. He has also contributed to songs. He also has appeared in American Idol as a guest mentor in 2005.

Foster has also collaborated with American Singer Natalie Cole to produce albums like “Unforgettable with love” which was a hit on Billboard charts reaching a top-five position on the U.S Billboard. By looking at David Foster Net Worth, we can say that he earns from various sources.

Ways David Foster Spent his Money

David Foster has a charitable foundation in Colombia for children to get them medical transplants. He has also hosted, directed, and produced concerts including a concert for tennis star Andre Agassi. He has also received Humanitarian Award for his charitable efforts in 2019. David Foster Net Worth is also spent on his luxurious house worth $7.1 Million. The house is a two-story structure that has six bedrooms and five bathrooms. It also has ample room for poolside along with dining areas and an entertaining area.

David Foster Net Worth has also been spent on Katharine Mcphee five carat ring which costs around $100,000 to $150,000. David also enjoys luxurious dates with his wife Katharine Foster. They were also seen together on an “80’s themed cruise”. As we cannot deny Foster’s love for music, he is also very specific about his choice in pianos. He owns YAMAHA pianos which has a nine foot grand. David Foster also owns some expensive and luxurious cars like Mercedes 450 SL, and also owns Aston Martin which he bought after watching a James Bond Movie.

How did David Foster became rich?

David Foster Net Worth is $150 Million. He is a famous musician, song writer and director.

How much is David Foster Net Worth?

David Foster Net Worth is $150 Million.

How many children does David Foster have?

David Foster has five daughters and one son.

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