Sharon Osbourne Net Worth

Celebrities in the United States have become an example which reflects the richest people in the world. Actually, there are a lot of celebrities which we can discuss, but we will only talk about Sharon Osbourne. Well, Sharon Osborne is a music manager and promoter who is already well known worldwide. If we are talking about her net worth, she has got an amazing amount of money in her bank account. Sharon Osbourne net worth is around $140 millions.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

Before talking further about her net worth, we will discuss a little bit about her life. Actually, Sharon Osborne was born as Sharon levy. She is the daughter of a music promoter too. Her father is a good promoter. The name Osborne is taken from her husband, ozzy Osbourne, who was once a member of the legendary band Black Sabbath. Sharon levy met her husband when her father was managing the Black Sabbath. Well, Sharon also took the part in managing Black Sabbath after Ozzy had left the band. Then, those two people started to date. In 1997, she arranged the Ozzfest which was successful and got a great response from the public. Year by year the price of the ticket of Ozzfest was getting higher and in 2007, the ticket price reached $150.

From that event, Sharon Osbourne actually got a gross profit at least $20 million annually. From Sharon Osbourne Management only, she has already got a high income. She managed a reality TV show called the Osbourne in MTV. It was also one of the events that increased her popularity and contributed her increasing wealth. More than that, she was also a judge in some of the talent shows in television, such as the X-factor, American Got Talent, and some others. So, her net worth is getting higher and higher from her additional jobs.

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