Shakira Net Worth

Shakira is a famous Latin singer from Colombia. She was known for her performance in the FIFA Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Shakira net worth is estimated at 200 million dollars or more. She is not only famous as a singer but also known as a lover of a Barcelona FC’s football player, Gerard Pique.



Shakira was born on February 2, 1977 in Colombia. Her real name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. After she decided to take her career as a singer, she only uses the name Shakira. Her career as a professional singer started when she was only thirteen. In June 1991, Sony Music Colombia decided to contract Shakira. Soon after that, Shakira’s first debut album entitled Magia was released. This first debut album was not so successful. Her success in music industry was when she released an album entitled Pies Descalzos in 1995. This album was very successful. In 1996, this album was awarded as a platinum album by RIAA. After her album’s success, Shakira’s name was known internationally. She was very famous not only as a singer but also as a dancer and a songwriter. In 2010, she started a relationship with a Spanish football player, Gerard Pique. This couple was very famous during the FIFA Football World Cup where Pique took apart as the Spain national team squad and Shakira as the official singer for World Cup with a song entitled Waka – Waka. She also had a good relationship with a Nobel writer from Colombia, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

As a Latin singer with several talents, Shakira can make more money in the future. Besides singing, she is known as a songwriter and a dancer. Her relationship with a football superstar, Gerard Pique makes her name famous not only among the music lovers but also the football lovers all around the world.

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