Scott Storch Net Worth

Scott Storch is a super producer who gave birth to several superstars in music industry like Dr Dre, 50 Cents, Cristina Aguilera, and many more. From his music kingdom, Scott made a huge amount of money. In the past, his total net worth was more than 70 million US dollar. But due to the bankruptcy, Scott Storch net worth is estimated at about 300 thousand dollar now. It was very shocking knowing how Scott Storch lost more than 30 million dollar in less than 6 months.

Scott Storch

Scott Storch

Scott Storch was born on December 16, 1973. He started his career in music industry when he joined a legendary Hip Hop group, The Roots, as a keyboard player. In this music group, Scott’s name began to become popular. After that, he decided to start a new career as a music producer. His first success was when he collaborated with Dr Dre to produce and promote Dr Dre’s first single entitled Still D.R.E. This very first debut as a music producer was a major success. The single was so popular and made Dr Dre and Scott the new hits couple in the music industry. After Dr Dre, Scott Storch continued to produce several music and made several success with different musicians like 50 Cents and Cristina Aguilera. But due to his success, Scott Storch began a bad lifestyle. He was considered as a cocaine addict. This drug problem made him lose several prestigious assets like a mansion in Miami that was worth more than 20 million dollar, his yacht, all of his expensive sports cars, and many more. In 2013, Scott Storch only has 300 thousand dollar in his pocket.

If only Scott Storch did not have a problem with cocaine and kept running his music business, he would have more than 70 million dollar in his bank account.  But Scott Storch still has an opportunity to gain success in the future if he focuses on the business and stops consuming cocaine.

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