Sandra Bullock Net Worth

If you are the big fans of Hollywood movies, then you must be very familiar with Sandra Bullock. Sandra is one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood now. As a famous and successful actress, Sandra Bullock net worth is estimated at 130 million US dollars. Her total net worth makes her the number 14th richest actress in Hollywood.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is not just an ordinary actress, she is a successful actress. With her 30 years experience in the entertainment business, she is considered as an international actress. When she was a child, Sandra spent a lot of times to study ballet, vocal arts, and sometimes she performed in an opera theatre with her mother who was an opera singer. Sandra had a big dream to be a famous and talented actress, so in 1986 she decided to move to Manhattan. She wanted to get a better opportunity. In her very first career, her life was not easy. She struggled in several audition while taking a low paid job as a waitress, bartender, and a coat checker. Her very first opportunity finally came. In 1990 she got her first role for a film “Working Girl and Demolition”. In 1994, she became a world class actress when she performed in a box office movie, ”Speed” with Keanu Reeves. This movie was very successful and made her the most wanted actress in Hollywood. After that, she performed in several success movies like The Proposal, Speed 2, While You Were Sleeping, A Time to Kill, Miss Congeniality 1 & 2, and many more.

As a famous and talented actress, it is easy for Sandra Bullock to gain more money from the movies. Sandra Bullock had won several prestigious awards like Golden Globe and Academy Award. These winnings certainly make her one of the most expensive actresses in Hollywood today.

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