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Ryan Leslie was born on September 24, 1978. He is an American rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Leslie is also the founder and CEO of NextSelection Lifestyle Group. As a record producer, he has produced singles for numerous artists in a number of genres ranging from hip-hop, R&B, Pop to Gospel. His most commercial success came in 2005-2006 when Cassie, one of his artists, released a single entitled “Me & U”. As a singer, he also has his own album. Ryan Leslie was nominated for Grammy Award in 2011. His success gives him a fortune, and now Ryan Leslie net worth is currently estimated at $4 million.

Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie is the oldest son of Mooi Leslie and Clement Leslie. Both of his parents are Salvation Army officers who relocated for work frequently. Because of it, he has lived in numerous cities, states even countries. His passion and skills in music were seen at his early age. He learned how to play piano even there was no teacher teaching him. He developed himself to create music and songs. When he was 14, while attending Bear Creek High School, he scored a 1600 on his SATs, which was a perfect score. He applied for 4 campuses in 1993, which were University of California, Yale University, Harvard and Stanford. Amazingly, he was accepted in three campuses but he chose Harvard. He graduated from Harvard in the age of 19.

With his education and skills, he learned by himself the basic production skills and his musical style. He also used them for many campus events. However, he had to sell music instruments to local artists in Boston to earn income. He pursued his interest in music industry. His success in music industry surely becomes the biggest source of his net worth. Since he is still young and skillful, the sum will be growing during the time.

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