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Roseanne Barr was born in Hawaii, November 3, 1952, with a birth name Roseanne Cherri Barr. She an American actress, comedian, producer and TV director. In 2012, she became one of candidates of US’s president from Peace and Freedom Party that is based in California. Her first career started in becoming a standup comedian. Roseanne was known by many people after she starred a TV sitcom series of her own entitled Roseanne. The sitcom was firstly aired in 1980s and directly got high rating so that Roseanne won the best actress nominations on Golden Globes as well as Emmy Awards. In 1997, the sitcom was ended and Roseanne started becoming a host in The Roseanne Show. In 2005, she started again her career as a standup comedian and became a part of a worldwide tour. In 2011, she starred Rosanne’s Nuts TV show that was unscripted and following Rosanne’s daily life in Hawaii. For such great success, Roseanne today is estimated having $80 millions of wealth.

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr

The young Roseanne Barr was not as rich and happy as today. She was born in a Jewish family that pretended to be Christians and they were not so wealthy people. Roseanne Barr has a sadly past about sexual abuse done by her parent and she blamed it publicly. However, she then clarified it that she said that because she was under psychiatric drugs and bad emotional. When she was still seventeen, she gave birth a baby and didn’t want to raise the child so that she asked the baby’s father to adoption. As long as her life, Roseanne Barr married three times and has four children.

The standup comedy and TV shows make Roseanne Barr got millions dollars of net worth. Since 80s, Roseanne Barr started her career as a professional standup comedian. In 1985, she hosted The Tonight Show with David Letterman as her first career on TV show. In 1987, she won the American Comedy Award for her fascinating appearance in The Rosanne Barr Show on HBO. In 1988, she also starred a high rating TV show Roseanne Corner that portrayed her life and her family.

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