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Raymond Albert Romano or professionally known as Ray Romano is a famous American stand-up comedian, actor and screenwriter. His name rose to prominence since taking an important role on commercially successful sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. His career started in the late 1980s. His first step was when competing on Johnny Walker Comedy Search and since then he continuously appeared on numerous TV shows, one of it was Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. Up to today, he is still active in the entertainment industry; one of his recent roles was on Man on Certain Age. People also know him as one of the wealthiest comedians in the United States because Ray Romano net worth is estimated at $110 million.

Ray Romano

Ray Romano

Raymond was born in New York. His father, Albert, was a real estate agent and an engineer who was originated from Italy. His mother, Lucie, was a private piano teacher. Ray Romano has two brothers, Robert and Richard Romano. When he was a teenager, Ray took his education in Hillcrest High School. Fran Drescher was his classmate there. When he graduated from the high school, Ray wanted to have “a normal job” just like any other people. Because of that, he studied accounting in Queens College. Unfortunately, he finally realized that his passion was not there, counting numbers all the time.

His net worth started to grow since he entered the professional career in entertainment industry in the late 1980s. Television producers watched his performance in the Johnny Walker Comedy Search and then gave him a contract to join sitcom NewsRadio. Unfortunately, he had just two months career there and his position was then given to Joe Rogan. When he got the main role on Everybody Loves Raymond in 1996, his net worth started to reach the highest peak. The show was stopped airing in 2005 and Ray Romano decided to take a break from television. He returned back to the TV industry in 2008 with Man of Certain Age.

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