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Tony Beet’s Net Worth:

$15 Million

Tony Beet’s Salary:


Tony Beet at a glance

Net Worth (as of 2021)$15 Million
Date of BirthDecember 15, 1959
Age62 years old
Born PlaceWijdenes, Netherland
NationalityDutch, Canadian
Source of WealthGold Mining

Early Life

Tony Beets was born on December 15, 1959, in Canada. He was born in a Dutch family which makes him a Dutch Canadian. His family was moved to Burgwerd when he was seven years old. At a very young age, Tony used to milk cows and make money for his family. Then in search of better job opportunities, he moved to Canada. He worked for three years in a construction business. After that, he began mining at Dawson City, located in Yukon Territory in 1948. As far as his education is concerned, the star has not made anything public about his degree or institute.


Tony Beets is a professional gold miner. He became famous after his appearance in ‘Gold Rush’ which aired in 2010. Gold Rush has made over 114 episodes and currently is in the 12th season. Gold Rush is a reality television series and is seen worldwide. Most of the cast on the show belongs from Canada.

Tony Beets is also the owner of Tamarack Mine, a successful mining operation which is located near Klondike. He has also bought the ‘Scribner Creek‘ which was actually mined by Parker Schnabel in the 4th season of Gold Rush. Beets have also worked on 75 years old Dredge moving their equipment from their Clear Creek. Apparently, the star makes $2 Million annually through this show so we can guess how Tony Beets Net Worth is $15 Million.

Awards and Achievments

Tony Beet has not received any award till now for his work but he definitely deserves an award for discovering gold in the mines of Canada. Beets and his workers put a lot of effort to make sure that people enjoy the luxury of wearing refined metal. But still, he didn’t get any accomplishments to date.

Tony Beets rich personality

Tony Beet has an extensive knowledge of mining which made him famous over time. He also spends his time with his family in Arizona during the off-season when he isn’t mining for the gold. Tony Beets Net Worth of $15 Million comes from the ownership of Yukon Gold mines. He also earns per episode from the Gold Rush. He also owns real estate in Arizona which makes Tony Beets Net Worth $15 Million.


Tony Beet has been married to Minnie Beets for over four decades. They both met each other at a very early age when Beet’s and his family moved to Burgwerd next to Minnie’s house. At that time Tony was 7 years old and Minnie was 6 years old. They started dating when Minnie turned 20. After being together for almost 18 months, Tony decided to leave Canada in search of better job opportunities. They both got married since Minnie wanted to accompany him to Canada.

After moving to Canada with his wife, Tony worked at a dairy farm initially whereas Minnie used to work at retail, healthcare, and Dawson Hamburger joint. After spending a few months at the farm, Tony started gold mining which make Tony Beets Net Worth $15 Million.

Tony Beet Kids

The couple gave birth to five children named: Biance, Mike, Kelvin, Monica, and Jasmine. Their daughter Jasmine passed away after three months of her birth. Tony also got a tattoo on his hand in memory of his late daughter with the birth and death date of Jasmine.

Tony Beets Bio: Family With Wife And Daughter, Building Net Worth

The two sons Kelvin and Mike and their daughter Monica, are in the gold mining business following their father’s footsteps. While the other daughter Biance is not interested in this field and usually stays away from the mining business.

Tony Beet Grandchildren

Tony Beet also has a grandson named Eagan, which has been seen in the episode of Gold Rush. in Feb 2021 where he visits the Gold mine. The proud grandfather Tony also wants to see his grandson be a Gold miner.

How he Earns?

Tony Beets Net Worth is $15 Million so, it is clear that he has some massive earning sources. As we all are now well aware of the fact that Tony Beets is a gold Miner and also he is a famous personality in the reality TV show ‘Gold Rush’. He has now more than ten years of experience on TV which makes Tony Beets Net Worth $15 Million which is definitely a huge sum. He owns one of the largest gold mines in Yukon and Paradise Hill. He also earns money from his business and being the owner of Schribner Creek, he also leases out the land. He also earns a lot per episode from Discovery.

Although Tony Beets Net Worth is $15 Million the star has also paid $31,000 in fines for the stunt he made in the episode of Gold Rush that was aired in 2015.

Ways Tony Beets Spent his Money

The Gold Rush star also spends a lot of money as he knows making a lot of money means, you have to spend nearly as much too especially in the world of mining. Tony mostly spends the profit he earns back in his own company He mostly spends on buying new metals and equipment that actually costs him Millions. Tony Beets has also been charged for a stunt that he made in an episode of Gold Rush. He was fined $31,000 for the stunt and remained in hot waters with the energy department.

Where is Tony Beets now?

He lives in Paradise Hill house with his wife Minnie after leaving their Indian River operation.

How much is Tony Beets Net Worth?

Tony Beets Net Worth now is $15 Million and is expected to increase in the upcoming years.

How old is Tony Beet?

Tony Beet is 62 years old. He was born on December 15, 1959, in Canada.

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