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Johnny Dang Net Worth: How he earns & Spends

Wondering what’s Johnny Dang Net Worth?

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From Johnny Dang Finances where we will discuss how he earns and spends his personal life that will include his early life, age, height, and his relationships.

Let’s first get to know how much is Johnny Dang Net Worth?

Johnny Dang Net Worth

Johnny Dang Net Worth:

$20 Million

Johnny Dang at a glance

Net Worth (as of 2021)$20 Million
Date of BirthNovember 21, 1974
Age46 years old
Born PlaceVietnam
Source of WealthJeweler, actor

Early Life

Johnny Dang was born on November 21, 1974, in Vietnam. He went to Houston Community College to study English. Johnny has four brothers. His father also fought for Vietnam War. Both his father and grandfather had had a jewelry business. Johnny started working as a jewelry repairer initially at a local flea market in Houston, Texas by which he used to make $100 per month, and now Johnny Dang Net Worth is $20 Million. We can actually have an idea about his struggles in life by looking at his Net Worth now.

While he was a repairman at a jewelry shop, he met Paul Wall, a famous rapper who got impressed by his jewelry designs and offered him a few contracts. They both started a business together in 2002. Johnny is famous for his Gold and Diamond pieces which are known as Grillz, worn by many hip-hop stars.


Johnny Dang began his career as a jewelry repairer in Hoston, Texas. After some time, he met a famous rapper Paul Wall who offered him a contract. He was actually impressed by Johnny’s jewelry-making technique. Later on, in 2005, he founded his own company Johnny Dand & Co. He is actually known for his Gold and Diamond pieces which are worn by many hip-hop stars. His brand is known for necklaces, rings, watches, and grills.

Over the past few years, Johnny has established himself as one of the top jewelry makers and suppliers to well-known artists. He is known as King of the Bling, with his huge palace of fine jewelry, keeping in mind that Johnny Dang Net Worth is $20 Million. He identified the gap in designing the jewelry, and this became the reason behind his popularity.

He knew that in Asia and Vietnam, jewelry is often handcrafted. But in the United States, most things are automated that actually require a strong grip on technical skills. Dang learned to use new tools as soon as he reached America and made sure that his team is always aware of the latest technology and its usage in order to maintain the quality of the work.

Johnny had this unique idea of grill styles and trends, and soon after two years grills became much more popular in hip-hop culture after he started making them will Paul Walls. He tries his best to surprise the celebrities by making unique things for them like round diamonds, colored diamonds, and embellishments. The celebrities and rappers have also served as powerful brand ambassadors for his brand and still continue to do so. He has also been mentioned in various musical recordings by famous artists. He has also shown his appearance in music videos as well.

Johnny Dang & Co

As we all are well aware of the fact that Johnny Dang Net Worth is $20 Million. Johnny Dang & Co is a jewelry business based in Hoston, Texas owned by Johnny Dang which was founded in 1998. The company has multiple manufacturing facilities as they keep the tradition of keeping all custom jewelry work in-house. The company owns over 72 employees with 3 retail locations. Dang always comes up with new ideas and creativity in jewelry. He believes that you have to give something special to your customers for bringing them back to you again. Johnny Dang & Co makes sure that their team is fully equipped with passion and knowledge to bring the vision to your life with remarkable accuracy.


Jhonny Dang has kept his personal life quite private like other celebrities. So, very little is known about his marriage life also. He is married to Jennifer Dang and has one little daughter. Johnny has struggled throughout his life and is profoundly dedicated to his career. He also helps children in Vietnam under Jhonny Dang charities.

How he Earns?

We all know that Jhonny Dang is a famous entrepreneur and jeweler. The reason behind this popularity is his unique styles of jewelry pieces which he made for the biggest rap stars. Currently Johnny Dang Net Worth is $20 Million, lets see how he has achieved this worth. Johnny Dang makes luxurious watches, chains, grills in Houston. He also makes customized jewelry pieces Dababay, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and many more. The source of his wealth is basically expensive custom jewelry.

He also owns his own jewelry brand named Johnny Dang & Co. His brand has massive popularity among stars. The invention of Grills became the reason behind his popularity among people. The brand makes unique shapes and colors of diamonds. Johnny Dang & Co is still coming with new creative ideas and inventions which is continuously increasing Johnny Dang Net Worth. He also earns by appearing on various TV shows and also on musical shows by providing vocals for a couple of songs. He also produces a reality show along with Paul Wall, The Johnny Dang and Paul Wall Show.

Ways Johnny Dang Spent his Money

Johnny Dang Net Worth is $20 Million so, we can actually have an idea about his lifestyle. Johnny Dang enjoys quite a luxurious life. He actually spends money on buying inventory for making his luxurious customized jewelry pieces. He also has software to create a 3D looks for his pieces and then he also owns 3D printers to get the rough look of the thing he wants to create. You can also have a look at this video to see the insane jewelry inventory of Johnny Dang.

Johnny Dang also owns expensive cars like Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce. Have a look at this video to see Johnny Dang with Bugatti Chiron.

Is Johnny Dang a billionaire?

He is a popular jeweler and an entrepreneur based in Houston, Texas. Johnny Dang Net Worth is $20 Million.

How did Johnny Dang become rich?

Johnny Dang became rich after signing a contract with the famous rapper Paul Wall. He used to earn $100 per day before he met Paul and now Johnny Dang Net Worth is $20 Million.

How much is Johnny Dang Net Worth now?

Currently Johnny Dang Net Worth is $20 Million.

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