Queen Latifah Net Worth

Dana Elaine Owens or known as Queen Latifah is a singer, rapper, actress, songwriter, model and comedian. Her contribution to music and movie has given her numerous awards, including a Golden Globe, a couple of Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards and a Grammy Award. All Hail the Queen. Her debut album was launched to the market in late 1980s. In the acting industry, she gained an international recognition after she portrayed Mama Morton in an Oscar-winning musical, Chicago. Queen Latifah net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah was born in New Jersey. Her father, Lancelot Owens, worked at the police department while her mother, Rita Owens was a teacher in a local high school. When she was a kid, Latifah was a curious kid and she used to read books for hours. She found “Latifah” when reading a book of Islamic names. At the time, she was just 8 years old. In Arabian, Latifah means “very kind” and it can be alternatively interpreted as “delicate”. Her singing skill developed at the age of 7. The skill later boosted her net worth to tens of millions. She also starred numerous plays in high school, including The Wiz.

Her career in music industry started with a hip-hop band, Ladies Fresh; she was a beat boxer. DJ King Gemini, a producer who worked with the band, has recorded a rap demo for her entitled Princess of the Posse. The demo has travelled through different producers until Dante Ross received it. He was interested in it and then signed a contract for Latifah to Tommy Boy Music Label. The contract gave her a chance to enter the music industry by releasing her first song, “Wrath of Madness”. Soon after he signed a contract with the label, her first album was released. The album received positive critics from analysts and hip-hop lovers.

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