Phil Mickelson Net Worth

There are many people who can earn a lot of money from sports. One of them is Phil Mickelson. Phil Mickelson net worth is estimated at $180 million. The source of his amazing income is from the golf course. In 2013, he is predicted to get more money from his professional career as a golfer.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson

Philip Alfred Mickelson or Phil Mickelson was born in California. He is a professional golf player that has successfully won so many titles in the golf course. During his career, Phil has won 41 PGA tour events and dominating 4 major championships. His name is known as the second best golfer in the world behind Tiger Woods. His father, Phil Mickelson Sr. was an airline pilot and a naval aviator. When Phil Mickelson was just a kid, his father left the navy and he joined at commercial airlines as a pilot. Because his schedule as a commercial pilot was not too overcrowded, he used the leisure time for playing golf in the backyard of his house in San Diego. At that time, Phil Mickelson was always asked to join the game. Because Phil has practiced golf since his very early age, he got the chance to improve his ability and skills better than any other kids. Phil Mickelson’s style of play is little bit different from other players because he plays like a left-hander. The technique was adopted from his father.

In the late 1980s, Phil Mickelson received a golf scholarship to join Arizona State University. While studying in the university, he won the NCAA championship, the top annual competition and received Haskins Award three times. After he graduated from the University, he decided to be a professional golfer. He proved that his decision was correct by winning some big tournaments during the 90s. He has won many tournaments, but one of the most important moments was surely, when he defeated Ernie Els in 2004. Because of these great achievements, Phil can make a lot of money from each golf competition he has joined. From some big tournaments that he won during the 90s, he made million dollars. He got more after he successfully defeated Ernie Els in 2004. Next year, and in the following years, he will still earn a big income which will add his present net worth.

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