Phil Jackson Net Worth

Becoming a coach can lead someone to get an awesome net worth, for example Phil Jackson net worth. He has a profession as NBA coach and he is able to achieve net worth of 45 million dollars. Indeed, NBA is one of the popular sports in Los Angeles and Phil Jackson tried to get the chance to become a coach in NBA club. The salary is of course very high. During his debut as a coach, he has worked in New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey, and many more. Besides having a high salary, the reason why Phil Jackson decided to choose a coach as his profession was because he loves basket ball very much.

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson

In the past, he was a talented basket player. He won many basket ball championships with his team. Knowing that he had talent in NBA, he then decided to promote himself as a coach. Of course it was not easy to become a coach at that time since there were many talented coaches that were more popular than him. However, he considered it as a challenge and tried his best to conquer all obstacles in front of him. The result was great. Now, Phil Jackson was a great coach with 45 million dollars of Net Worth.

Jackson is a former NBA player who played professionally in 1967 until 1980. Many people praised the talent of Jackson as a coach. They considered that Phil Jackson is the greatest coaches of all time and has 11 NBA championships. The popularity of Jackson kept increasing. He was inducted into NBA Hall of Fame in 2007. Today he is retired as a coach, but there is a rumor that he will return to become a coach again. If the rumor is true, he will get more income to add his net worth.

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