Perez Hilton Net Worth

Do you want to know about Perez Hilton net worth? It is estimated at 30 million dollars. He gained this huge amount of money from his hard work as an actor and as a managing editor of a famous magazine. In 2013, it is predicted that his net worth will increase since his is so popular and gives him a good income.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton was a talented man who was born on March 23, 1978. He was able to show his talent since he was still young. He showed his talent in many parts of entertainment field. As a result, he was able to get popularity in his young age. Moreover, he earned his BFA in drama from prestigious Tisch School of the art at NYU. Knowing that he had a lot of talents, he then began to improve his ability. People who knew the talent of Perez Hilton began to recruit him to play and act in several movies. Later, he became a great actor and was praised by many people. He also worked in organization namely GLAAd Hilton. It is a work of freelance writer for different LGBT journals and other publications. Working in this organization led him to a position as the managing editor of the gay’s men magazine. In 2002, Hilton moved to Los Angles and in 2004 he began He then became popular with because it was both hell and gold mine for celebrities. Hilton began to verbally attack controversial celebrities but then he also promoted them.

Perez Hilton is also well known with the title as a White Markers. During his career, Perez always made controversial movement to get his popularity. For example, he took the celebrity photographs that later he used them mostly for negative commentary. Several celebrities such as Fergie began to speak out against Hilton. It is indeed that doing controversial act can improve the popularity of someone. From his popularity, he can have 30 million dollars as a net worth.

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