Nick Lachey Net Worth

Do you want to know Nick Lachey net worth? As a popular singer, he is able to obtain a net worth of 20 million dollars. Of course, this number is not a small one. Most of his earnings come from his jobs as a singer, songwriter and actor. It is predicted that his net worth will increase in 2013.

Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey was born in Ohio. He started his career since he was young. Nick Lachey is currently married to Vanessa Minnillo. Besides being a singer, Nick Lachey also has a profession as an actor in several films, and a song writer. There are many songs that he has created and some of them were popular in the world. He is a member of boy band in 98 degrees. Nick Lachey is a handsome man and his awesome appearance made him the favorite one for the fans at that time. His carrier improved greatly in the late 1990’s. Then he began to play in reality series, “Newlyweds Nick and Jessica”. He also released his solo albums. In June 2012, he announced that his band 98 degrees would perform on august 18, 2012. Lachey is also well known because of his avid sports fan. He is a part owner of American Baseball Association Team. His association in sport continued in 2009. He then threw out the ceremony called first pitch for the MLB opening day game in Ohio. This event was held in 2013 and many people attended the event at that time.

Nick Lachey is a great man that can achieve awesome net worth since he was young. Performing with his boy band made his popularity improved again and of course this became one of the reasons why he obtained a lot of money. He also made a lot of money from his work in music and television.

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