Morgan Freeman Net Worth

Morgan Freeman net worth is estimated at $90 million and it will rise in 2013. This man works as a narrator, film director and actor.  He began to shape his carrier in 1960s. Her initial works were “The Niggerlovers” in an off Broadway production.  “Hello, Dolly!” also gave him  prominent appearance for he could play with Pearl Bailey. His acting ability makes this man famous. He has been offered to play in many films even though he only got the supporting roles in most movies. Freeman is considered as a multitalented actor for he can play in contemporary drama, musical and even Shakespeare drama. His debut movie was in 1971 when he appeared in “Who Says I Can’t Ride a Rainbow?”  This movie was intended for children.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman net worth is as interesting as his personal life.  Freeman married twice. Jeanette Adair Bradshaw was his second wife. When he married this woman, he already had two sons from his previous marriage. However, they decided to divorce in 2010. His job as an actor has made him shape a brighter future for his three children, Alfonso, Morgana and Deena.  He is a very respectable man who has worked with many famous actors and actresses like Angelina Jolie, Christian Bale, and many more. He won an Oscar for “Million Dollar Baby”.

In 1978, Freeman collected a Tony nomination. Morgan Freeman net worth is from some of his biggest hits including “Unforgiving”, “Million Dollar Baby” and “The Shawshank Redemption”. This successful African American actor has collected million dollars for the supporting roles in various movies. “Driving Miss Daisy” also set the commercial success for him. If only he didn’t turn his profession from a dancer into an actor, he probably will not as successful as this present day. He never dreamed to have $90 million in his pocket.

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