Michael Moore Net Worth

Even though Michael Moore is known for his controversial subject, he is totally rich with a net worth around $50 million. This influential man is not only a film maker, but he is also an active social critic and author. With his capability to raise a crucial and controversial subject in most of his prominent works, it seem that Michael Moore net worth will rise more in the future. Most of his movies are commercially popular. His three blockbuster movies which could reach more than $300 million include “Bowling for Columbine”, “Fahrenheit 911” and “Capitalism a Love Story”.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s stardom began when he was only 22 years old. He created a weekly magazine The Flint Voice which soon became a popular magazine in US. But later, he adjusted the magazine’s name as Michigan Magazine. In 1986, Michael Moore net worth improved for he accepted the position as an editor of Mother Jonas. It is a famous political magazine. Since Michael Moore refused to publish an article about Nicaragua’s situation, he could not secure his position in Mother Jonas magazine. Later, he sued the magazine and made them pay him $58,000. He used the cash to produce his first movie, Roger & Me.

His other movies, after Roger & Me, were commercially accepted by audiences so that he could receive not only a big amount of money but also some awards. His movie “Fahrenheit 911” has a warm welcome from the audiences for it could collect $230 million. The DVD sales were about $3 million.  His next movie “Sicko” raked at $17 million. Moore could get a half of the movie profit.  It made Michael Moore net worth increased and he got an Academy award for the best documentary film. As an author, he has many bestselling books. One of them is “Dude Where’s My Country” which contributed $1 million to his net worth.

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