Matt Stone Net Worth

Some people may wonder how much is Matt Stone net worth. The answer will be around 300 million dollars. Most of his income comes from his TV show creation, the South Park. This show has been aired for more than 15 years and this has become his major source of income although during the years he also produced lots of other movies as well, but the South Park is the one that has brought up his name along with his partner Trey Parker.

Matt Stone & Trey Parker

Matt Stone & Trey Parker

His journey on creating movies started up with his creation of low budget film “Cannibal! The Musical” where Matt Stone co produced the movie and played as the actor as well, then after that he started to create a short animation film called “Jesus Vs Santa” which received major hit and it led him to the creation of South Park that has been aired for over a decade and still there is no sign that it will slow down. Matt Stone has received quite a lot of awards for his work, starting from Grammy Awards in the year 2011, 3 Tony Awards for his theater production The Book of Mormon and also four Emmy Awards for his other works.

Up to now, Matt Stone has created more than a dozen films but still people know him as the man behind the work of South Park and The Book of Mormon, which have become his major sources of income. In January 2013, Matt Stone and his partner Parker has announced that they will open their own film production and they will call it Important Studios. With the never ending supply from the South Park, it seems that the net worth of Matt Stone will increase more in the future especially if their new film productions make a big hit.

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