Matt Groening Net Worth

Here comes the information about Matt Groening net worth that is estimated to be around 500 million dollars. He is an American animator and he is also the one who created the popular cartoon The Simpsons. His main source of money comes from his succeeds in creating The Simpsons character that is a satire and doesn’t always put moral authorities as the main foundation on how to act. Matt Groening also created another successful TV series “Futurama” that has succeeded to show up for 101 episodes in 6 seasons.

Matt Groening

Matt Groening

Matt Groening has a hard life before he became famous with The Simpson. He wrote an animation book called “Life in Hell” that became a success book and that attracted the attention of James L. Brook, a writer and producer. It was then The Simpsons was created where the name of each character in the series was adapted from his own family name, which has become a huge success since 1989 to the present day, The Simpson is still aired and seems like it will still hold up there for many years ahead. Matt Groening has received numerous awards for his work in The Simpsons and Futurama. He won 12 Primetime Emmy Award where 10 of the awards go for The Simpsons and 2 of them, the British Comedy Award and also National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award go for Futurama.

With no sign that The Simpson will end up soon, it seems that Matt Groening will add up more money to his net worth in the future. His main source of income comes from this series and also from Futurama that is aired once again. Matt Groening himself is an active cartoonist that works mostly on cartoon and he is also devoted himself to collect the unofficial Simpson merchandises from everywhere he goes.

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