Martha Stewart Net Worth

The popular American business woman, Martha Stewart net worth is estimated to be around $650 million. That money comes from various sources such as electronic commerce, broadcasting, merchandising, publishing and also book selling. Despite her huge amount of net worth, she faced lots of trouble with the law and the last trouble that she had was about a law suit with department store chain Macy’s over a contract dispute. Despite the fact that she has faced law problems, the company she build in the first place Martha Stewart Omnimedia continues to grow and we can expect that she will add more pile in her net worth.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Her popularity comes from her works as an author of cooking book, decorating and also entertaining. Her first cooking book Entertaining that was released in December 13, 1982 was the starter of her career that lately followed by numerous books with the same topic. She also established the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia that practically works on all sort of things that has something to do with Martha Stewart print, merchandising and other products with Martha Stewart name on it.  This company is the one that takes care all of her business venture and the one that still survives up to today.

Another incomes source for Martha Stewart comes from other fields that some people never thought about. She got involved in trading affair and she got sentenced for five months in prison for making false statement and conspiracy. Most of her income comes from her company and also Television series such as “Martha”, “Martha Bakes” and also “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” that was on debut in October 2012. There are ups and downs in Martha Stewart financial life but apparently it shows no little effect of her personal net worth that shows she still the best businesswomen in America until today.

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