Marc Anthony Net Worth

Marc Anthony, the popular singer has around $40 million dollar net worth that come from various sources. Where does all those money come from? He is a popular singer after all and it is very easy to know that he has got the money from his album sales that were sold out all around the world, from his tour concerts and of course from the houses that he owned in New York City and also from a condo in Miami. He also got his money by starring several films. His separation with Jennifer Lopez after 7 years in marriage life also brought up more money into his account.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is not only a musician but also a singer and songwriter.  He is also quite popular as an artist, and an actor and a producer which become his income sources. His popularity comes from his salsa and Latin music where he has received three Latin Grammy Awards and two Grammy Awards. His marriage with Jennifer Lopez in 2004 end up 7 years later and it was rumored that Jennifer Lopez is the one who put the file on because Marc Anthony cheated her.

Like it was said before, Marc Anthony net worth comes from various sources including his album sales. Starring in several movies such as Man on Fire, Hackers, The Substitute and In the Time of Butterflies has given several parts of his 40 million dollar.  Being divorced from Jennifer Lopez also added more money to his net worth because he was entitled for 50% of all earnings that Jennifer Lopez got all the years they have been together including her idol salary in 2011 and 2012 along with the 50% of the Jennifer Lopez album sales and everything else, so it was possible that Marc Anthony net worth will go a little big higher.

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