Lloyd Banks Net Worth

Some of you may have noticed that there are a lot of rich rappers who earn millions of dollars, and in fact, only a few of the American rapper who have low incomes. At this point, we can mention one of the American rappers named Christopher Charles Lloyd (or Lloyd Banks) who has a total income of $ 15 million. Lloyd Banks net worth is amazing, although $ 15 million is truly none spectacular. This number can be further detailed, but first we will focus on who Lloyd Banks is. We can fist start with his background, as you will find through the following paragraph.

Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks

Actually, Lloyd Banks is better known as a hip hop artist. He is a member of G-Unit, a hip hop group which he founded with 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. The last two names are American rappers who are also the childhood friends of Banks. Banks grew up in Queens, precisely in the South Jamaica. He dropped out of school in 1988. G-Unit has released two albums, namely Beg for Mercy (2003) and Terminate on Sight (2008). Banks himself has also released a solo album The Hunger for More (2004). Banks is probably not a popular figure. In 2005, he was arrested because police found a firearm in his van. This case occurred when he and Young Buck were in the van that was stopped by the police for traffic violations. Even so, the case was discontinued in 2006 because Banks was never proven to have a firearm.

Back to the source of Banks net worth, it is likely that a $15 million he got was sourced from The Hunger for More. This album was sold at 500,500 copies in the first week, and in total, it was sold at more than 4 million copies. His next album, Rotten Apple (2006), sold at 143,000 copies, it was lower than his debut album.

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