Lil Romeo Net Worth

Have you ever heard about Lil Romeo before? Well, he was born as Percy Romeo Miller. However, later on, when he got famous, he used Lil Romeo as his popular name. Well, the nationwide recognition for his popularity was actually gained in 2001. The popularity was increasing when the album of Lil Romeo was launched. He is not only a singer, but also an actor. He played in some movies. Therefore, it is not surprising that he earned a lot of money from his jobs as an actor and musician. His net worth is estimated 5 million dollars. Actually, he starred a lot of movies such as Max Keble’s Big Move, Static Shock and many more.

Lil Romeo

Lil Romeo

Lil Romeo was born in New Orleans. Most of his family members are rappers and musicians. Therefore, it is not surprising if he has a skill and talent as a musician. In addition, his uncle, Silk the Shocker C-Murder, was also engaged in the process of recording as a rap artist. His uncle reached his fame in the 90s.

The stage name which is commonly used by Lil Jon is master P. The peak of his career was in 1998. His successful album which is known as MP Ad Last Don was sold for 400 thousand copies after a week being launched. Therefore, later on he got a certificate of 4x Platinum by RIAA. From this successful album, Miller has got higher net worth then. He is able to get 300 million dollars. He became one of the Suns for other woman rappers. Born in such a family can help Lil Romeo get a better future life. Thus, it is not surprising when Lil Romeo is able to increase his net worth faster. The environment supports him to be a good musician and also an actor.

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