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Have you ever heard about Kid Rock?  Well, he is a famous musician and song writer which comes from United States. Robert James Richie, or better known as Kid Rock, started recording when he was still a teenager. It continued up to1998 and now he has already released three albums. The albums are Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast, The Polyphone Method and Early Morning’ Stoned Pimp. From these albums, he gained international acknowledgement in the early 2000s. This acknowledgement made him gained a lot of money. Moreover, after the 2000s, his album Devil without a Cause got a good response from the public. For your information, this album was sold over 13 million copies. In 2013, Kid rock, who is the former husband of Pamela Anderson, gains a great net worth which is estimated about $37 million.

Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Kid rock is one famous musician and singer from the United States. His family or relatives often call him Bob. He was born in Michigan. His parents are Bill and Susan Richie. He is the third child in his family. Therefore, he still gets the responsibilities in taking care of the horses in their small orchard. He has a younger sister, Jill Richie. She is known as an actress. When kid rock was a teenager, he had a great skill in break dance. He used to do the hip hop dance in his hometown in Romeo. These skills and abilities make him easier in gaining a big net worth.

People said that Kid rock’s career started when he was still in senior high school. At that time, he started DJ’ing in many parties just to get beer. His career was getting higher and higher in 2010. He performed in great events that made his net worth increase up to $30 million. So, it is possible for him to get higher net worth in the future.

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