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Michael Burry Net Worth? Is he a Successful money manager in the world?

Wants to know Michael Burry Net Worth?

Who is Michael Burry?

Micheal Burry is an American computer scientist, physician, hedge fund manager, and value investor. He also founded Scion Capital LLC, a fund that Michael managed during the Great Financial Crises of 2008.

Michael Burry Net Worth is $300 Million.

Let’s know more about Michael Burry Net Worth and about his life.

Michael Burry Net Worth

$300 Million

Michael Burry Salary:


Michael Burry at a glance

Full Name Michael James Burry
Michael Burry Net Worth (as of 2022)$300 Million
Date of BirthJune 19, 1971
Age50 years old
Born PlaceSan Jose, California, US
Weight75 Kg
Source of WealthAmerican Physician, Investor, and Hedge-fund manager

Early Life:

Michael Burry is an American value investor, physician, computer scientist, and hedge fund manager. He has also founded Scion Capital LLC, a fund that was managed by Michael during the Great Financial Crises of 2008 which made billions of Michael profits for the clients during the collapse of the American housing market.

Michael Burry was born on June 19, 1971, in San Jose, California, US. When he was two years old, he lost his left eye due to retinoblastoma and after that, he wore a false eye throughout his lifetime. He was also mildly autistic. Luckily, his range on the spectrum of autism was mild. Due to autism, he developed an introverted personality and had an ability to hold his concentration while learning advanced topics.


Michael Burry attended High School at Santa Terasa, enrolling at the University of California where he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics. After his bachelor’s, he went on to study pre-medicals. He went to Vanderbilt University School of Medicine to obtain his M.D but did not complete his residency in neurology at Stanford University Medical Center. He also studied finance and later founded Scion Capital LLC in 2000.

Michael Burry Net Worth is $300 Million.


Michael Burry started his career by working on financial investment and became successful in value investing. He became a pro at this work and grabbed the attention of companies like White Mountains Insurance Group, and Vanguard as well as investors like Joel Greenblatt. He once said that his investment style is based on a book ‘Security Analysis’ and all of his work is entirely rooted in the concept of margin of safety.

He also found his own hedge fund called Scion Capital, which was funded by loans from his family and inheritance. Soon, he was earning huge profits for his investors. He beat the market in 2003, with his investments rising by 50%. He used the strategy of shorting overvalued tech stocks to achieve these returns. He was managing around $600 Million by the end of 2004.

Subprime Market:

In 2005, Michael Burry started focusing on the subprime market. He foresaw that the real estate bubble would soon collapse as early as 2007 by using his own analysis of mortgage lending practices. After doing research on the values of residential real estate, he predicted that subprime mortgages and the bonds based on them will start losing the value when the original rates will be replaced by far higher rates. He also shorted the market by persuading bug investment firms to sell him credit default swaps against subprime deals that were vulnerable.

Michael also experienced a revolt among his investors because they were quite nervous about his predictions while he was making payments towards his credit default swaps. Some of the investors also withdrew their capital out of caution. However, his predictions worked out, and he earned a profit of $100 Million. These efforts made Michael Burry Net Worth $300 Million. Scion Capital also gained returns of 489.34% between 2000 and 2008. By April 2008, he liquidated his company to focus on personal investment.

Investing Career

In 2013, Michael reopened his hedge fund at Scion Asset Management. He also started investing in gold and farmland. He has also made large investments in Facebook and Google parent company Alphabet Inc. He also initiated short positions on Tesla and also predicted that the company will soon collapse as the housing bubble did in late 2020. He holds more than 800,000 Tesla shares and nearly $31 million of the firm ARK Investment Management. In March 2020, Michael also revealed that he had acquired 3 million shares of GameStop. These shares and profits made Michael Burry Net Worth equals $300 Million.

Is Michael Burry shorting Tesla?


Michael Burry is a married man and has children. Any information regarding his children and wife has not been made public. The information will be soon updated as soon as it is revealed. His son has also been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Michael burry also thinks that he has Asperger syndrome after reading about it.

Michael Burry Net Worth & How he Earns?

Michael Burry Net Worth is $300 Million.

Michael Burry has a huge interest in investing in stocks. He has studied economics and always found himself researching value investment strategies in his free time. He also founded Scion Capital. For the launch of the company, he gathered loans from his family and friends. The company proved to be profitable and also attracted huge investors. Michael managed a $600 million profit by 2004. He also earned a lot by focusing on the subprime market. He has also achieved a lot by predicting correctly about the mortgage fall. Many people also believed that Michael has saved them from losses in the industry.


His motivation and determination have helped him succeed in an area in which he even did not specialize. He gave up his career to follow his dream which ultimately became the reason behind his success and Michael Burry Net Worth.

How Michael Burry Net Worth is spent?

Michael Burry Net Worth is $300 Million. Let’s see how Michael Burry Net Worth is spent.


What is Michael Burry Net Worth?

Michael Burry Net Worth is $300 Million.

How much did Michael Burry make from the Big Short?

Michael Burry’s prediction took years to play out. After that, he returned a personal profit of $100 Million and $700 Million for his investors.

Is Michael Burry successful?

Michael Burry Net Worth is $300 Million. He is considered one of the most successful money managers in the world.

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