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Rob Dyrdek Net Worth- Is he really worth $100M?

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth is $100 Million?


That’s true. Rob Dyrdek Net Worth is $100 Million.

First, let’s know who Rob Dyrdek is.

Robert Stanley Dyrdek is a former professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, actor, producer, and MTV reality star. His best reality shows were “Rob and Big“, “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory“, and “Ridiculousness“.

Now let’s know more about Rob Dyrdek Net Worth and how he earns.



Rob Dyrdek Salary:

Not Available

Rob Dyrdek at a glance

Full NameRobert Stanley Dyrdek
Rob Dyrdek Net Worth (as of 2021)$100M
Date of BirthJune 28, 1947
Age47 years old
Born PlaceKettering, Ohio,  United States
ParentsPatty Dyrdek and Gene Dyrdek
SiblingsDenise Dyrdek
Source of WealthFormer professional Skateboarder,
Producer and actor, entrepreneur.
WifeBryiana Noelle Flores
ChildrenNala Ryan Dyrdek and
Kodah Dash Dyrdek

Early Life:

Rob Dyrdek is the son of Pattay Dyrdek and Gene Dyrdek and was born on June 28, 1947 in Kettering, Ohio. He had only 1 sister named Denise Dyrdek. He received his first skateboard at the age of 11, from professional skateboarder Neil Blender. From that stage on, he was crazy about skateboarding. He even Stated:

“I was so focused on becoming a pro-skateboarder. I would sit in the School and think about all the tricks I was going to do, then I’d get out of school and skate until they made me come inside”

He became an ordained minister through Universal Life Church to perform her sister’s wedding in December 2011. The ceremony was performed in Fantasy Factory in Los Angeles and was even also featured in an episode of “Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory“.


He started Skateboarding at the age of 11.

Skateboarding Career:

He got his first sponsorship at the age of 12, that same company also sponsored Blender, and he began his Skateboarding Career. Later Dyrdek and Blender quit their board sponsor and they created Alien Workshop. He left his studies and moved to Southern California to proceed in his professional career. When he moved to California, he got a sponsorship from DC shoes 1995-2006.

He became the founder of the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) competition enterprise in 2010. The event was grown into an international event worth $1.4 Million. The League was partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of America to develop new skate parks in California. This was the focus of Rob Dyrdek’s Documentary film The Motivation“. The film was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

He has set 21 separate Guinness World Records for skateboarding. His personal best was:

  • Longest board slide.
  • Farthest reverse ramp jump by car.
  • Highest skateboard ramp jump into water.

Film and Television:

His first reality series appeared on MTV and it was aired from November 2006 to April 2008. The show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” was first broadcast in February 2009. The show was of only 7 seasons and the final season was aired on March 13, 2004.

In 2009, he also made a movie named ” Street Dreams ” and funded this movie with his own money and appeared as the main character. He also appeared in a scene in Jackass 3.5 in 2011. On August 29, 2011, on MTV network, he started another show named ridiculousness in which he comments on internet videos.

He appeared in another show named Punk’d in 2012 in which Justin Bieber tried a prank on him but failed. He was the judge for a talent show series named “Amazingness” in 2017. He later appeared in Jackass Forever in 2020.

Business Career:

He got his first business with Onion Trucks. Later he gained experience in entrepreneurship through shoe design which helped him in launching his various short-lived companies which include hip hop record labels and a skate shop.

He also has partnerships with various brands like Rogue Status. His properties include Wild Grinders and Street League Skateboarding. He is an investor in UFC, Beach Whiskey, Beatbox beverages, and stance. He later became the co-founder of Black Feather Whiskey, and Ultracast.

Personal Life:

He is married to Bryiana Noelle Flores. He proposed to her in Disneyland in April 2015. They had their first baby boy named Kodah Dash in the year 2016. Later they had another baby girl named Nala Ryan.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth & How he Earns:

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth is $100 Million, all from his different careers and through some endorsement deals.

He got his first sponsorship from DC shoes other sponsors include Silver Trucks, EA skate, and Monster Energy.

As of 2021, Rob Dyrdek Net Worth is $100 Million but in the future, Rob Dyrdek Net Worth might rank up.

Salary Highlight:

He earned $60, 000 per episode from “Rob and Big”, $140,000 per episode from “Ridiculousness”, and made $100,000 per episode from “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”.

How Rob Dyrdek Spent his Money:

=> Dyrdek jockeyed a racehorse for his friend Joe Ciaglia, in an episode of Fantasy Factor. Later he run as a racehorse owner and now he owned 13 horses at a time during his career. His horse even raced in skates including the Breeder’s cup.

=> Rob Dyrdek owns three mansions, all of total worth $25 Million.

He spent $9.9 Million on a vacant 3.1-acre lot in the exclusive gated community called “Mullholland Estates”. The lot is the largest property in the entire community. The 2nd mansion is worth $6 Million and the 3rd mansion is worth $8.5 Million.

=> He owns a collection of cars which include 69 Camaro, Porsche Panamera, Blacked-out Tahoe, Tahoe version 2, Bently continental GT, Chevy Sonic, and T-Rex.


What is Rob Dyrdek Net Worth?

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth is $100 Million.

Does Rob Dyrdek own DC?

No! Rob does not nows DC shoes.

How much does Rob Dyrdek make off Ridiculousness per episode?

Dyrdek makes $140,000 per episode from ” Ridiculousness “.

Who is Rob Dyrdek wife?

Rob Dyrdek’s wife is Bryiana Noelle Flores.

Is Rob Dyrdek a purple belt?

Rob Dyrdek has a purple belt in Taekwondo.

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