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Phil Robertson Net Worth? Famous Duck Dynasty Star

Wants to know about Phil Robertson Net Worth?

Phil Robertson Net Worth is $10 Million.

Phil Robertson is an American businessman, reality television star, and hunting enthusiast. He has also been featured on various television shows like Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander‘: a hunting program on the Outdoor Channel.

Let’s see more about how Phil Robertson Net Worth is $10 Million.

Phil Robertson Net Worth

$10 Million

Phil Robertson Salary:


Phil Robertson at a glance

Full NamePhil Alexander Robertson
Phil Robertson Net Worth (as of 2022)$10 Million
Date of BirthApril 24, 1946
Age75 years old
Born PlaceVivian, Louisiana, US
Source of WealthBusinessman, American professional hunter, reality television star
Marital StatusMarried
WifeKay Robertson
ChildrenWillie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jules Jeptha Robertson, Alan Robertson

Early Life:

Phil Robertson is a famous American hunter and a businessman. He has appeared on various television series like Duck Dynasty and also on the Out Channel’s Buck Commander. He has also worked as a teacher. Phil has also currently joined the lineup of CRTV.

Phil Alexander Robertson was born on April 24, 1946, in Louisiana, Vivan. He lived with his parents James Robertson and Merritt Robertson and his six siblings. Phil Robertson was born in a poor family and lived in a very small house that had no luxuries. His family rarely used to shop for groceries and they used to eat vegetables and fruits they grew. He once stated that although it was the 1950s his family used to live as it was the 1850s due to the unavailability of resources they were always happy, no matter the circumstances.

Phil Robertson was a star athlete in his high school. He used to play football, basketball, and track. He also went to Louisiana Tech University on scholarship due to his extraordinary skills in football. He played first-string quarterback. In the 1970 NFL Draft Bradshaw went on to become the first overall pick. In 1966 and 1967, Robertson was the starting quarterback. In 1968, he decided not to play and Bradshaw took over. Paul Harvey also approached Robertson but he refused as he didn’t want to play as a professional footballer because of his interest in hunting. Later Robertson graduated from Lousiana Tech in physical education and completed his master’s in education.

Phil Robertson Net Worth is $10 Million.


Phil Robertson’s career started as a teacher. After his graduation from Lousiana Tech University, he worked as a teacher for many years. After teaching for several years he became a commercial fisherman. He was a duck hunter but was unhappy with the duck calls available at that time in the market. So, he started experimenting with making his own duck call. Phil Robertson invented his first Duck Commander Call in 1972.

In 1973, he got a patent for his call and incorporated the Duck Commander Company. Today the company is led by Phil’s son Willie Robertson and is considered a multi-million business. He and his family were also featured on the A&E reality television series ‘Duck Dynasty‘ which aired from 2012 to 2017.

Duck Dynasty - Rotten Tomatoes

Robertson now owns and runs a businessman alongside his wife and his children. His memoir ‘Happy, Happy, Happy was a bestseller and has sold almost one million to date. His company also sold 60,000 Duck Commander Calls per year. During the annual hunting season, Phil has a tradition of not shaving or showering ever to bring him luck.

Duck Commander Logo Window Decal Round - Duck Commander


GQ Comments

Phil Robertson got in trouble after a controversial interview with the magazine GQ on December 18, 2013. He made some comments which were perceived as homophobic during the interview. After that, he quickly apologized and said that he loved and respected every kind of person in this world. A&E also released a statement from Robertson saying, “I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me”.

After his statement, the network also announced Phil’s suspension. But the network had to take its decision back due to strong backlash from supporters, which also included a Facebook page that accumulated 1.5 million likes and statements from different political figures. Ultimately A&E lifted the suspension without affecting any episode.

CPAC Comments

Phil Robertson also made controversial statements when he received the 2015 Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award. In his speech at CPEC, he said that STDs are the legacy of Communists, beatniks, Nazis, and Hippies. After that, his statement went viral which resulted in various controversies.


Phil Robertson, a famous Tv personality and businessman has been married to Kay Robertson. The couple tied the knot when Kay was 16 years old. She is also an American television personality and is known for her appearance in Duck Dynasty.

Phil and kay relationship started in college in the ’60s. At that time Kay used to be a cheerleader and Phil was a school’s quarterback. They got married on April 1, 1968, in a small ceremony. They got married about three years after their eldest child, Alan, was born. Phil and Kay’s three other children Jase, Willie, and Jep, were born in 1969, 1972, and 1978. They were all part of the Duck Dynasty.

Phil and Kay have also faced hard times. After Alan, Phil got into drugs and alcohol which made him aggressive and violent most of the time. But Kay was quite supportive during all this time and stood by his side. Phil also kicked Kay and his children out of their home. But soon he realized and became aware that he was at fault and stopped drinking. They got back together and after some time their fourth child, Jep was born.

Phil Robertson Net Worth & How he Earns?

Phil Robertson Net Worth is $10 Million.

Phil Robertson was an American businessman, television star, and professional hunter. He became famous after his appearance in various duck hunting reality series. His earnings started after he took part in ‘Duck Commander‘, which aired from 2009 to 2011. Soon, Phil became dissatisfied with the duck calls and began experimenting with his own call. In 1973, he invented his first duck call and his own company. The revenue of the company grew to an estimated $500,000. Now, the revenue and operating income are estimated at over $40 Million. So, by looking at the company’s revenue, we can estimate how Phil Robertson’s Net Worth has become $10 Million.

How Phil Robertson Net Worth is spent:

We all know that Phil Robertson Net Worth is $10 Million. Now, let’s see how Phil Robertson Net Worth is spent. Have a look at this video to know about his house and luxurious life.


How much is Phil Robertson Net Worth in 2022?

Phil Robertson Net Worth is $10 Million now.

What did Phil Robertson invent?

Phil Robertson invented Duck Commander Call.

Are Kay and Robertson still married?

Yes, they both are still married and living a very happy and quiet lifestyle in the woods. Phil also interacts with his fans through his podcast ‘Unshamed with Phil Robertson‘.

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