Madan Gowri Net Worth 2022: Famous Tamil Youtuber

Wants to know about Madan Gowri Net Worth?

Madan Gowri Net Worth is $5 Million.

Madan Gowri is a famous Indian Youtuber who has millions of subscribers on his Youtube channel. Mostly, he uploads his videos in the Tamil language. He is considered one of the most popular South Indian Vloggers of India. He has also received BW Gold Best Digital Content Creator 2020 and Blacksheep Digital Award 2020 for Favourite Vlogger.

Let’s see more about how Madan Gowri Net Worth is $5 Million.

Madan Gowri Net Worth

$5 Million

Madan Gowri at a glance

Full NameMadan Gowri
Madan Gowri Net Worth (as of 2022)$5 Million
Date of BirthMay 28, 1993
Age29 years old
Born PlaceIndia
Source of WealthSocial Media Personality, Youtube
Religion Hindu
Zodiac SignGemini
School Local High School

Early Life:

Madan Gowri was born on May 29, 1993, in Tamil Nadu. He is currently 28 years old and belongs to a Tamil family. He has completed his primary and secondary education at Sainik School, Amaravathinagar, and Dolphin Public School, Madurai. He got his undergraduate degree from Kalasalingam Academy of Research. He received his MBA degree from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, and did his Master of Science from the State University of New York.

After completing his studies, Gowri worked for several companies including Bosch Engineering, echo VME, and Cognizant. He started working as a Youtuber after his breakup as he was going through some tough times and found peace in it. His Youtube videos cover a wide range of topics from current affairs, philosophy, politics, and science. Now, he has millions of followers on multiple social media accounts. This is how he started his Youtube journey. His height is approximately 5 feet 8 inches. His eye color is black. Moreover, he has not mentioned his family details anywhere.

Now, Madan Gowri Net Worth is $40 Million.


Youtube Channel

Madan Gowri started his Youtube channel in 2013 after his breakup. At that time he was in his final year of college and was having a very tough time. He used Youtube as a source of his energy and to over his depression. In the initial stage, he had very low reach but after a few months, his channel started to gain views. He was motivated throughout this journey and now he has more than one million subscribers. That’s how Madan Gowri Net Worth reached $5 Million.

Throughout his childhood, he was into debates, talkshow, and group discussions but never got any good opportunities. He always wanted to show his talent to people around him. After knowing about Youtube, he found a huge platform to reach out to millions of people and share important information with them related to different topics like social issues, facts, and history. That’s how he started his journey as a Youtuber. He also worked with various organizations like Cognizant as a program analyst, EchoVME as a content writer, and Bussiness Solutions as a marketing intern.

His Youtube channel got monetized as he started getting more and more views each day. He became a full-time YouTuber after quitting his job in 2019. This was just the start of Madan Gowri Net Worth. In an interview, he said that he made a promise to himself to quit his job after gaining a million subscribers. Because he couldn’t manage both his job and Youtube at the same time. After quitting his job, he made quite an improvement in his videos. He also got a job offer letter from a USbased company but he rejected it to focus on his Youtube channel. He uploads videos on social awareness and vlogs on various other topics.

Music Career

Madan Gowri has also sung a few Tamil songs such as Bathroom Song which was released in 2021, ExLover Song, Monkeys with 5G, and Naan. He also received a huge backlash for his song ‘Monkeys with 5G‘. He is also the founder of the app known as ‘Kokru‘ which is available in six languages and also provides a snippet of the latest news

In 2021, Madan tweeted a picture of a black Tesla car and also tagged Elon Musk in the tweet saying:

‘Dear @Elon Musk please launch Telsa cars in India ASAP’

In reply of his tweet, Elon Musk tweeted,

India has actually highest import duties and also clean energy vehicles are treated as petrol and diesel vehicles, which are inconsistent with India’s climate goals. If the import duties are lowered, a Tesla factory is likely to be in India.’


Madan Gowri has won BW Gold Best Digital Content Creator 2020.

He has also won Blacksheep Digital Award 2020 for Favourite Vlogger.


When it comes to relationships, Madan Gowri does not openly talk about his personal matters. But in his recent video on Youtube, he revealed some information about his girlfriend named Nithya Kalyani. He has also shared some beautiful moments of their long-term relationship. In his video, he also said that the couple soon ties the knot in 2022.

Madan said that Nithya was the reason behind starting his Youtube channel and his motivation. A few years back couple also broke up due to uncertain reasons but now as they have patched up so they will be tieing the knot very soon. Madan also promised his followers that he will soon introduce his wife. The Youtube video in which Madan announced his marriage has gone viral and reached 1 Million views in 24 hours.

Madan Gowri Net Worth & How he Earns?

Madan Gowri Net Worth is $5 Million. Let’s see how Madan Gowri Net Worth is earned.

Most of his Net worth comes from his Youtube channel. He has millions of followers on multiple social media accounts. Most of his Youtube videos get millions of views. He has also received silver and golden play buttons from Youtube. He uploads videos related to social awareness and other important topics.

He has also interviewed a few Indian celebrities on his channel. Moreover, he has also received awards like BW Gold Best Digital Content Creator 2020 and Blacksheep Digital Award 2020 for a favorite vlogger. He has also done a few jobs before Youtube, but after starting his channel he was quite focused on content creation and left those jobs.

How Madan Gowri Net Worth is spent?

We all know Madan Gowri Net Worth is $5 Million. Let’s see how Madan Gowri Net Worth is spent.


What is Madan Gowri Net Worth in 2022?

Madan Gowri Net Worth in 2022 is $5 Million.

What is Madan Gowri’s age?

He is 29 years old.

Is Madan Gowri famous?

Madan Gowri is a famous Tamil Youtuber and social media personality.

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