Diana And Roma Net Worth 2022: Famous Youtube Stars

Wants to know about Diana and Roma Net Worth?

Diana and Roma’s Net Worth is $100 Million.

Diana and Roma are Ukrainian American Youtube Stars. Their Youtube channels Diana Kids Show and Roma Kids Show include vlogging, unboxing videos, and cute cosplays. Diana was also nominated for the 2020 tenth annual Streamy Awards in the kids and family category.

Let’s see more about how Diana and Roma Net Worth is $100 Million.

Diana and Roma Net Worth

Diana and Roma Net Worth:

$100 Million

Diana and Roma at a glance

Full NameDiana and Roma
Diana and Roma Net Worth (as of 2022)$100 Million
Date of BirthDiana (March 31, 2014) Roma (October 22, 2012)
AgeDiana (8 Years old)
Roma (9 Years old)
Born PlaceUkraine
Source of Wealth Social Media Personalities, vlogging, Youtuber
Religion Christianity
Channel NameKids Diana Show
Joined OnMay 12, 2015

Early Life:

Diana and Roma are famous Youtube pairs. Eva Diana was born on March 16, 2014, and Roma was born on October 22, 2012. Both of them were raised by supporting and caring parents. Diana and Roma’s father’s name is Vladimir Kidisyuk and their mother’s name is Elana. Their parent’s occupation is not clear till now.

The family lives in Ukraine. Diana’s sign is Pisces and Roma is Libra. The family was not expecting that their videos would gain such a large following.

Diana and Roma with parents

Both Diana and Roma are students of primary school. Their parents want them to focus on Youtube content while studying side by side. They also have an interest in music and are great musicians. Diana loves to draw while Roma has an interest in arithmetic and enjoys solving problems.

Moreover, their Youtube channel is at a 100 million subscribers.

Now, Diana and Roma’s Net Worth is $100 Million.


Diana has her own Youtube channel named Kids Diana Show which actually provides content for children. She hosts her channel with her brother Roma and parents Volodymyr and Elana. Her channel Kids Diana Show was started in 2015 and became famous among children in no time. The channel was started to highlight memories of the family but it gained millions of subscribers within a year. The reason behind channels’ popularity is toys unpacking videos, vlogs, and cute cosplays.

This was just the start of Diana and Roma Net Worth.

Youtube Career

They have also signed a deal with the digital media studio pocket. Each video on the channel has crossed millions of views. Their video ‘Diana Pretend Play Ice-cream Shop‘ has nearly 500M views. They have enough knowledge to create fun and cute content that gains children’s attention. Diana and Roma’s Family Trip to the Maldives has also crossed more than 1 Million views. Kids Diana Show has become the 6th most viewed and 8th most subscribed channel in the world. The famous kids used to make videos on children’s songs, review toys, learn English, and vlogging in their early videos.

Roma also has its own channel Kids Roma Show. Both the siblings are young and are expected to gain massive popularity in the future. Kids Diana Show has become the third biggest channel on Youtube in terms of views after T-Series and Kid-Song Powerhouse Cocomelon. In her videos, Diana hosts playful adventures with her friends, brother Roma, and her parents.

Her channel has been translated into nine languages and has access to over 14 channels. Billions of views have been generated this year which has increased Diana and Roma Net Worth. Business Insider has mentioned that Kids Diana Show earns from $3 Million to $45 Million a year.

Famous Youtube Videos

Kids Diana Show

Some famous videos of Kids Diana Show are:

Kids Roma Show

Some famous videos of Kids Roma Show are:

Merchandise & Toy line

Diana and Roma’s merchandise collection includes sleepwear, art apparel, crafts, toys, and stationary.

Their merchandise collection has also made them immensely famous apart from their Youtube channel. Some products available at the store include a cupcake cart, popstar Diana doll, Diana hairstylist doll, Mini dolls, mermaid, party dolls, princess dolls, and many more items.

That’s how Diana and Roma Net Worth reached $100 Million.

Facts about Diana & Roma

Some facts about Diana and Roma are:

  • Diana Kids show and Roma Kids Show are available in different versions such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, and Korean.
  • Diana and Roma loves to discover new toys.
  • Diana loves to eat sweets, icecream, cakes, cereals, fruits, and fish.
  • Diana wants to be a ballerina or an actress in future.
  • Kids Diana Show is affiliated with the Pocket Watch media business.
  • Roma younger brother of Diana has a fantastic sense of humour.
  • Diana and Roma Net Worth has reached $100 Million.

Diana and Roma Net Worth & How they Earn?

Diana and Roma’s Net Worth is $100 Million. Let’s see how Diana and Roma’s Net Worth is earned.

They earn through their famous youtube channel named Diana Kids Show and Roma kids Show. The channel is managed by their parents. Diana has more than 10 Youtube channels with more than one million subscribers on her each channel. The channel consists of vlogs, fun play videos, and toy unboxing videos. Digital media studio Pocket.watch has signed a deal to launch an animated series called Love, Diana. The series is also available on OTT Platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video and The Roku Channel. The deal also released Official Diana Merchandise and mobile games.

How Diana and Roma Net Worth is spent?

We all know Diana and Roma Net Worth is $100 Million. Let’s see how Diana and Roma Net Worth is spent.


What is Diana and Roma Net Worth in 2022?

Diana and Roma Net Worth in 2022 is $100 Million.

Where does Diana and Roma live now?

Diana and Roma live in America.

Are Diana and Roma twins?

No, Roma is younger brother of Diana.

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